Ali Riza Yilmaz, born in 1926 in Rize, started working right after primary school as a carpenter apprentice to his father at the age of 15. After his years of working as a carpenter, he started in the construction sector as a worker, then a foreman and finally a subcontractor.

He got married to Ms. Makbule in 1945 and fathered four children: Nurten, Hizir, Suleyman and Orhan. The family moved to Istanbul in 1949.

With the help of the knowledge, experience and friends he accumulated during the construction projects in various cities of our country, he started undertaking contracts as a contractor. He founded Yilmazlar Construction and Trade Co. with his relatives in Istanbul in 1979 and later changed its name to Ali Riza Yilmaz Construction and Trade Co.

After the death of Mr. Ali Riza Yilmaz in 1993, the company has been managed by his sons who started working very early with their father.

The company, founded solely as a construction company at first, now continues its healthy development by investing into other sectors, which would make its founder proud.